Everything To Know About Buying Your First Cottage

By Johanna Crisholm & Joe Callaghan • Last Updated July 12 2022

These past few years have led all of us to find a quiet moment to have a short (or long) think about where we’re at — and where we’re going. For many, the pandemic years have brought some new perspectives. Condos? Overrated. Cities? Overpopulated.

With work from home becoming not just accepted but embraced by so many employers, it’s the definition of home that appears to have finally been loosened. Proximity to the office cubicle or access to transit for a sweaty commute are no longer the priorities they once were. For that we should be thankful.

In the swirl of all this, the cottage has shifted from two-week escape territory to a much more regular prospect — or even a permanent one. According to one recent study in Canada, nearly half of all prospective buyers were considering rural options over urban properties.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer who is lucky enough to be able to work from the wilderness rather than downtown or you’re looking for that idyllic weekend escape from the rat race which can double up as a great rental property, buying your first cottage can be a daunting prospect of all involved.

Here, we have tried to strip away many of the stressful unknowns and to peel back the layers of factors that could and should go into any cottage purchase. There are many and they cover a whole landscape of areas from financing to locations to upkeep and unwelcome guests — but we have them all covered for you.

With a smart, concise approach to the key areas of consideration and with the input of experts in many of the fields, My First Cottage is your go-to before, during and even after you make your life-changing purchase. Think of it as a Lonely Planet guide to making cottage country your own backyard.

So, take another short, (or preferably long), moment and let us help you on your way to the wilderness…