How To Maintain Your Cottage

By Johanna Crisholm • Last Updated July 12 2022

When living in urban surroundings, there are certain mundane thoughts that rarely, if ever, cross your mind.

Where does my water come from?

What powers the electric kettle each morning to make my delicious pour-over coffee?

Where does my toilet waste go after flushing? 

If these are the kind of queries that seem just a bit too nitty gritty for everyday life, you’ll have to engage in a bit of a vibe switch before entering cottage country. In exchange for the fiery sunsets and long days spent on the water, you’ll have to also acquaint yourself with the less familiar and, at times, less pleasant realities of owning a cottage. 

Being in a less populous place, as most sought-after cottages are, the conveniences of modern amenities might not be taken care of by local municipalities. Water, electricity, plumbing and waste collection are surely not the glamorous side of cottage ownership, but they are the parts that will dictate a large portion of the time and upkeep that goes into your summer getaway.

Who this section is for:

These next few chapters will serve as a guide for maintaining your cottage, covering everything from p-traps to pest control. But it can also function as a space where you can learn more about the different ways you can maintain your cottage, helping you to know ahead of time what kind of questions to ask your real estate agent even before you purchase your property. 

Here are the next few chapters:

Work & Internet
Drinking Water